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EcoTech Fuels, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company, established under an exclusive contractual relationship with engineering partner Plant Process Equipment, Inc. PPE has designed and constructed customized refineries and petrochemical plants around the world -- from the United States to countries such as Libya, Russia, and China. PPE has engineered breakthrough projects-including plants that transform waste and pollutants into cleaner fuels-to help solve pressing environmental challenges.

Linda-Rose Myers: President

Linda-Rose Myers is the President of EcoTech Fuels, LLC (“ETF”) www.ecotechfuels.com, a woman-owned and managed Delaware limited liability company headquartered in Los Angeles, established for the purpose of converting municipal, industrial and agricultural waste materials into advanced renewable fuels. Ms. Myers received her B.S. from Syracuse University, majoring in Business Administration, Science and Communications. She received her graduate degree from the University of Southern California, and earned a certificate (with distinction) from UCLA Dept of Engineering & Technology in Waste Management, Recycling and Processing Technology. Also at UCLA Extension, studied Renewable Energy Technology and LEED Building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Ms. Myers specializes in solving waste management problems for communities, businesses, and medical facilities. ETF will assist medical, corporate and institutional clients in cost-saving solid waste management solutions that will convert these materials into advanced synfuels, instead of merely processing and landfilling them. Ms. Myers, along with Dr. Eugene Tseng (UCLA-Ext Engineering), was one of the authors of the City of Vernon AB 341 Policy for Waste Management, which will be adopted by dozens of other California cities. She was assistant financial editor for the Syracuse Post-Standard, and assistant financial editor for PR Newswire, an international financial reporting service based in New York City. With over 25 years of management experience in the technology field, she has held management positions at the New York headquarters of Merrill Lynch, and at the Los Angeles offices of three leading international law firms, including Bryan Cave.

Ms. Myers was one of seven “Innovator Idol” finalists on a PBS Earth Day Special, April, 2011, entitled “Energy of Innovation”. http://vimeo.com/22028651

Stephen Kennedy, Executive Vice President
Plant Process Equipment, Inc.

Stephen Kennedy is a Member of EcoTech Fuels, and the Owner, Director and Executive Vice President of Plant Process Equipment, Inc ("PPE"). of Houston, Texas.

Mr. Kennedy earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston.

Mr. Kennedy has over 30 years of experience in chemical engineering; from modular engineering and design of skid mounted mini-refineries, gas plants, gas compression, and ammonia/methanol units. Responsible for major site built refineries and other process units.

Responsible for sales and marketing of construction and revamp of existing process units. Mr. Kennedy oversees the engineering and the design of all in-house projects as well as coordination with the fabrication shop plant manager. He has been project director on numerous projects including a 6.5 MM gal per yr. ethanol facility in Mulberry, FL.  He assumed responsibility as plant manager for a 120 ton per day CO2 purification and liquefaction plant in Freeport, TX.

PPE has a 35-year track record of successfully designing and building synfuel plants. These plants encompass a broad range of processes. PPE-designed plants, under Mr. Kennedy’s guidance, produce diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, LPG, methanol, ethanol, ammonia, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and a host of specialty gases. Feed stocks have been from various waste streams, including hog manure, corn, fermentation off-gas, poultry rendering plants and animal fats.

Many of these projects incorporate proprietary process designs that were developed by Mr. Kennedy, and are the intellectual property of PPE. Mr. Kennedy directs process design, conceptual designs of new projects, and engineering and design of new process facilities. His professional specialty is the design and fabrication of refining units, including crude distillation, catalytic reforming and hydrocrackers.


Lewis Stanton, CFO


Lewis Stanton is a several time CEO including (until June 2015) the interim CEO of Hydra- Electric Company, a middle market aerospace company whose products are highly engineered switches and sensors for Tier 1 companies and OEMs.

After more than 5 years of operating losses and revenue declines, Stanton led the Company to sustainable profitability within 6 months. By the time his engagement at Hydra ended after 15 months, Hydra had grown its order book from under 2X annual revenue to 6X revenue with an active sales pipeline of 12X revenue on which it was closing more than 50% of the opportunities.

Stanton earned his BS at University of Birmingham (UK). He was the COO/CFO of a public company; former Big 6 head of capital markets practice in the US Southwest. He was the CEO of E Team, a collaborative software company which had experienced years of losses and minimal growth prior to his joining. Under his leadership, the Company’s revenues grew at greater than 100% per annum and it became profitable and cash flow positive.

Stanton was the COO and CFO of a public technology company whose 3 principal business units were: a leading provider of software to more than 3,000 hotels around the world; a casino gaming systems company; and a process manufacturing ERP company. In this capacity, he grew the company’s high margin revenues by 300% in less than three years, and also took the company from $10 million in annual losses to profitability. He has also been a turnaround CEO for other companies.

Earlier in his career, Stanton was at Arthur Andersen where he ran the Firm’s capital markets practice in the US Southwest. His clients included several Fortune 500 companies. In London, Stanton’s functional specialty was international finance, and he has worked in several parts of the world.

Since leaving Andersen, Stanton has managed operations in financial services, publishing, technology, and other industries. Additionally, he founded and ran a mutual fund company, and he was also the President of a securities industry trade association.


Dimitris Klapsis - Chief Sustainability Officer, LEED Architect

Mr. Klapsis is a licensed Architect in California and the European Union, and an LEED Accredited Professional. He received his Master's degree in architecture from the University of Southern California. Mr. Klapsis is architectural director for all of ETF’s manufacturing facilities.

Mr. Klapsis is also head of ETF’s South-East Europe division, with headquarters in Athens, Greece, and will be instrumental in project development in South East Europe. Dimitris Klapsis is the principal of STUDIOdnk – an architectural firm focused on sustainable design and building – and a member of the board for USGBC – Los Angeles Chapter, where he chairs the Green Schools Committee.

Mr. Klapsis’ twenty year plus project experience includes a diverse set of architectural solutions, from the Del Mar Station, a Congress for the New Urbanism award-winning mixed-use transit development, to the new Metrolink commuter station in Santa Clarita, California, to the $750 million Arrowhead Medical Center in San Bernardino County, and to the new City of Glendale Police Facility.

His dedication to sustainable design solutions has been vital to such projects as the Robert Redford Building for the Natural Resources Defense Council, LEED Platinum-rated, and the Taylor Yard Parcel “C” Master Plan, a 24-acre mixed use LEED for Neighborhood Development project in Los Angeles, California.

A vocal advocate for green strategies in the urban context, he is currently the chair of the Pacific Regional Task Force for LEED for Neighborhood Development. Mr. Klapsis was involved in publishing the Los Angeles edition of Green Map, an interactive planner that highlights the city’s natural and sustainable locales and transit options for the everyday consumer (www.greenmap.org). His presentations on sustainability include the Congress for New Urbanism X, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, the Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo, the United States Green Building Council Annual Members Summit, the Natural Resources Defense Council Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), and the Green California Schools Summit.


Dianna Tarbell, Director: Human Resources, Employee Development

As Vice President of Operations, Ms. Tarbell is responsible for day-to-day operations of the company, including new project development, outreach with stakeholders in the community, contract preparation and negotiation, and proactive problem-solving. Ms. Tarbell is a member of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe.

Since receiving her BS in Finance from Syracuse University, she has worked extensively with native businesses. In 1998 she became part of the development team for a tribally-owned gaming project which became the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino (“AMC”).

Ms. Tarbell held numerous positions within AMC including Director of Casino Administration; Chief Financial Officer; and General Manager. Under Ms. Tarbell’s guidance, which included developing a successful team of associates, the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino prospered into the major revenue source for the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe. Ms. Tarbell oversaw a three-phase major renovation project and was instrumental in the acquisition of funding for the project. In 2007, Ms. Tarbell was a recipient of the Great Women of Gaming Award by Casino Enterprise Magazine.

Robert Fippinger, Director: Real Estate, New Business Development

Robert Fippinger is a principal of Phase One Realty in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working with individual and institutional clients on a national basis providing a variety of development and investment brokerage advisory services. He brings 29 years experience in real estate development, investment and brokerage services and general business management. Most recently, Mr. Fippinger was Vice- President of Security Capital Group a real estate and investment management company with controlling interests in 16 private and publicly traded companies and a combined capitalization in excess of $23 billion that was sold to GE Capital. In his role at Security Capital, he was responsible for developing and managing a wide range of corporate services during a period of exceptionally high growth.

In prior capacities, he was the Executive Director of Techmart, an office complex in Santa Clara, California and also a Partner and Managing Director of a private real estate development and management company in San Francisco, where he oversaw the development of over $1 billion of commercial and residential real estate projects. He began his real estate career with Grubb & Ellis Company in San Francisco as a Vice President and project manager in various development management, investment marketing and brokerage management roles. Prior to that he was a computer marketing representative for IBM Corporation. Mr. Fippinger earned his BS degree in Engineering and an MBA in Managerial Economics at Cornell University. He holds real estate brokers licenses in New Mexico and California.

Mark Benedict, Director: Tribal Relations, Business Development

Mr. Benedict is a member of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, and CEO of the Native Self-Sufficiency Center (“NSSC”). NSSC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (Federal ID #22-2419527) with the dual aim of providing economic opportunities for the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe and providing quality after school programs and scholarships for native youth of the Tribe. Mr. Benedict has been instrumental in developing the Mohawk Advanced Synfuels project, in partnership with EcoTech Fuels, and other similar projects in New York State and Canada. Such projects will convert regional waste materials into advanced synfuels, and provide jobs and other economic benefits for local Tribes.