Converting Trash to a Superior Drop-In Diesel

What is Torqazine-D?

Torqazine-D is an advanced renewable diesel fuel made from carbonaceous waste materials:

  • food waste and other solid waste

  • unrecycleable wood, paper and plastics

  • crop residue

  • woody biomass

  • agricultural waste (cattle, hog, chicken poop)

  • crop residue

  • medical waste

  • C&D (vinyl siding, used carpet, linoleum, plywood, asphalt shingles

Torqazine-D will qualify for the petroleum diesel transportation fuel specification, ASTM D975, and can be used as a drop-in fuel in all diesel engines. It requires no modifications to engine, power train, or other fueling equipment.

Testing will verify that Torqazine-D has almost double the cetanes of fossil diesel: 60 – 80, compared to 40 – 53 for ordinary diesel. It has virtually the same energy density (Btu’s) of fossil diesel, and thus virtually the same mileage per gallon, compared to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel #2. However, carbon emissions from Torqazine-D are greatly reduced. Unlike fossil diesel, Torqazine-D has virtually zero sulfur (less than 5 parts per million) or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Unlike bio-diesel (which has a low cloud point), Torqazine-D is a great cold weather fuel.

The agricultural community in America’s breadbasket suffers from a chronic diesel shortage. The output of renewable diesel from our plants will go a long way towards mitigating this problem.