Environmentally Responsible Synfuel Manufacture

Syngas Production: Each of our plants will produce quality syngases from two processes: anaerobic digestion of agricultural wastes and wet food wastes, and high temperature gasification of dry waste materials, including wood, paper, used carpet, tires and plastics. We will utilize a plasma finish to further process resistant tars and chars from tires). The gasification process partially oxidizes the MSW feedstock, creating a synthetic gas consisting primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Carbon dioxide and other acid gases are also formed in lesser concentrations. Downstream of the gasifier is an acid adsorption unit, to separate and collect the CO2. Some of the CO2 is re-used in the gasification process to create additional syngas in the form of CO. Gas-to-Liquids. The methane produced by the anaerobic digester and the carbon monoxide and hydrogen produced during high temperature gasification, are processed through a Fischer-Tropsch fixed-bed chemical reactor. The final process is hydrocracking to break-up long chain paraffins.

Process Tree